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ASCENT  helps Alcohol Beverage Suppliers & Distributors Unlock their Sales Potential

through Consulting, Coaching, & Training.


Start with the outcome in mind.  Are you a Supplier looking to increase sales results through your Distributor partners?  Are you a Distributor looking to increase sales success with your Suppliers?  Let's work together on a plan built just for you considering Consulting, Coaching, & Training.


Start at the top.  Are you satisfied with the results being driven by your sales team?  What are your pain points?  Let's discuss & develop Executive Coaching just for you!


Leverage ASCENT's Leadership, Management, & Sales curriculum, plus our exclusive process to embed the skills that will drive the results you are looking for.

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Rob Hutchins is the President of ASCENT High Performance Coaching.  Fueled by a 32-year career in the Alcohol Beverage Industry with the E&J Gallo Winery, as well as several Distributors & Brokers, where he held Local, Regional, & National Leadership roles.  Rob now works with Alcohol Beverage Suppliers & Distributors to Unlock their Sales Potential through Consulting, Coaching, & Training.


Rob has a well-rounded experience leading Multi-Line Distributors, Sales Regions for the Gallo Winery, & most recently Gallo’s Learning & Development Team for Sales in the US Market.


Rob spent years leading Distributor Sales Team's- developing people & driving sales results for multiple Suppliers.  He also spent a decade leading Supplier Sales Team's developing people, programming brands, & ensuring his portfolio was top of mind with Distributor partners.

Most recently Rob spent 8 years developing & delivering results oriented- Sales, Management, & Leadership trainings throughout the US for Gallo employees & over 400 Multi-Line Distributors, including over 20,000 participants.


Rob grew up in the Midwest & Rocky Mountain states.  He earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Colorado where he played football for the 1990 National Champion Colorado Buffaloes.  He attributes many leadership & life lessons to his time spent with a team that ascended the pinnacle of college sports.  Rob is a devout Christian, facilitating several men’s groups.  He currently lives in Portland Oregon with his wife Brigitte where they have raised 3 great kids.  In his spare time, you might find him- hiking, road or mountain biking, hanging out on the beach, or visiting his adult kids in Brooklyn NY or Maui HI.




Numerous Regional & Independent Distributors


"Rob is very knowledgeable & gives simple, real-life examples."
"Rob has a calming confidence, is clear, & efficient which help me gain from his training."
"Rob listens & gives thoughtful answers to questions that feel reflective, caring, & insightful."
“Rob is very engaging, has a great presentation style, & develops trust + good class interaction.”
"Rob consistently brings energy & enthusiasm which makes each workshop more enjoyable." 
"Rob is excellent at opening minds to new perspectives."

Coaching & Training Participants

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